Camp Fit

661b6c5d834ca1428ef5080d0641a22a-2105531744-1301716351-4d969d7f-620x348Camp Fit This high energy, fun workout is sure to get your schooler moving! Your child will have the time of their life while getting in shape with our action-packed boot camp program.

Our action-packed programs for school-aged children are sure to get them in shape! Each session, lead by CERTIFIED fitness instructors, involves continuous, vigorous activity that incorporates endurance, strength, flexibility and motor skill development – and FUN!

This Military-Style Fun Fitness Class uses energizing music that kids know and love along with fitness equipment and props to add variety and challenge to every class.  We provide 30 minutes of VIGOROUS physical activity while teaching the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


Stretch-n-Grow Camp Fit Training Camp Days include:

  • Obstacle Courses & Relay Races
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Sports Skills Drills
  • Muscular Strength & Endurance
  • Speed & Agility Drills
  • Team Building Exercises

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