All Star Sports

Our All Star Sports skills program focuses on the skills and technique for Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Tennis and Track & Field – complete with scrimmages for each sport!   Whether your child is experiencing these sports for the first time OR enhancing his or her existing skills, kids will have a BLAST in this fun, non-competitive class.   Sports can instill important life skills and values that young players can carry with them for the rest of their lives.  Highlights of our Sports Skills Program Include:

  1. Non-stop action and fun using sport-specific equipment in a non-competitive environment
  2. Participation for every child
  3. Cardiovascular endurance, speed, strength and flexibility training in every class
  4. Activities designed to improve motor skills, agility and coordination
  5. Discussions on exercise, safety, sportsmanship and the sport of the week
  6. Basics of sports including hand-eye coordination, jumping, tossing or throwing and kicking

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